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"I am not a bird; and no net catches me: I am a free human being with an independent will"

Charlotte Bronte


Why findspo

Why Findspo?

We use holistic talent search with the help of IA, Big Data and NLP.

We understand the motivations of new generations in a decentralized job search engine and reduce employee relocation failure.

We promote the circular economy. The local development and the creation of a sustainable world.

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You decide what's the next step. Reach out to a region-specific project or organization in the area that motivates you.

What is Findspo?

Findspo is a technological platform that enables the creation of a global network of people and territories. Here you can find and offer life opportunities (Work, Home, Volunteering...) by analyzing hundreds of parameters. Your place and that of your loved ones in a few minutes. Embrace a future where you can build a society that moves forward. Through technology we reconnect the territory, the people and the innovation.

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What is Findspo used for?
FINDSPO is a web platform that allows us to perform a global search for life opportunities. Discover projects related to what you are passionate about or what is important to you and yours. Minimize the risk when choosing a place or project where you can enjoy a great work-life balance.
What differentiates us from a job portal?
We are a platform that uses a holistic vision to help you discover your ideal project and location. We analyze hundreds of parameters combining Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability. We believe that a human being in harmony with his environment is an element of development wherever he is.
What does holistic search engine mean?
We take into account everything that is important to you, what drives you to get out of bed every day... Traditional job portals only include three parameters: salary, sector and location. You are the center and everything is part of your life project.
Where does the information for the results come from?
Findspo is a project inspired by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the UN (United Nations). We draw all our data from official sources.

Why rely on our technology, which prioritizes global sustainability?

Our planet needs a new way to measure the sentiment and well-being of its inhabitants in order to build a truly sustainable planet.

In real-time


Get real-time information to make better decisions.



Humanity, Fauna and Flora. We didn't want to leave anyone behind.



Data anonymized to include no bias in our analysis.



We let it flow but give the possibility to contribute.

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Administration, associations, NGO's, educational entities

Cutting-edge technology for an advancing society.