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Findspo Level 4 with $150,000 Microsoft Sponsor

Findspo receives the Microsoft for Founders Level 4 benefit. This benefit is only reserved for StartUps with a multi-year turnover and external investment.
After an evaluation period that included a review of the team, current development and technological differentiation, StartUp was deemed to merit one of the exceptions and was granted this benefit.
For us, this is another milestone that confirms our commitment to launch a profound technology aimed at helping individuals, companies and institutions improve their decision making. This can only be achieved with a great team, which I am fortunate to be part of...

February 7, 2023 Learn more
The world's largest coworking joins Findspo

The world's largest coworking joins Findspo. Findspo reaches a collaboration agreement with Agalsa to include its spaces in its algorithm to promote rural repopulation.
The Sierra de la Demanda is presented to the traveler as a place to discover and appreciate, full of art and nature, full of history and life, with a variety of landscapes and natural habitats in a magnificent state of conservation, which encourage a respectful and quiet enjoyment.

February 7, 2023 Learn more
Bluethcare partner for longevity

Findspo makes it official with Blue healthcare through Dr. Francisco Mera. The idea of this collaboration is to promote the identification of patterns and then apply them to the demographic technology developed by Findspo to suggest locations and population clusters that increase patient longevity.
An ambitious project that combines two disciplines, contemporary medicine and data science.
We are a private clinic in Madrid that was founded in 2019 to offer a model of advanced, global and personalized medicine...

February 7, 2023 Learn more
Support from Compluemprende - UCM

Findspo is supported by the Complutense University of Madrid's Compluemprende Support Office.
It is a cutting-edge technology that will improve any mobility and migration process with the help of AI for an optimization of data intelligence in the service of social innovation.
In the words of its Director David Alonso...

February 6, 2023 Learn more
César López and Findspo called to participate in ERP 2022 (European Rural Parliament)

César López is called to participate in the next edition of ERP in Poland 2022 to organize a workshop on how technology can help in the repopulation and fixation of populations.
Enrique Nieto, Head of AEIDL's Policy Unit, will also be present at the event.
The European Rural Parliament aims to Strengthen the voice of Europe's rural communities and to ensure that the interests and welfare of rural communities are...

January 27, 2023 Learn more
Agreement between the National Network of Colivings and Findspo

The StartUp Findspo agrees to implement the project of the Spanish colivers platform of ANCYCO (National Network of Colivings).
President Patricia Garcia expresses the importance of this agreement in the context of the digitization of the activity. She also adds the importance of a global recruitment platform indicating the importance in this case of the engine used by Findspo's AI (Demetra)...

July 26, 2022 Learn more
Findspo exhibits at Presura (Depopulation Fair)

Findspo was presented at Presura 2022 with more than 80 projects for the repopulation of rural Spain. With more than 100 visitors, the StartUp is confirmed as one of the "drivers" in the use of artificial intelligence in rural areas.
The Presura Depopulation Fair is a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and proposals to face the challenge of depopulation in Spain. It is also known as the National Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain and has been held in various locations such as Soria, Donosti...

Abril 7, 2022 Learn more

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