Innovation in politics through triple-impact models

Findspo is a SaaS platform that displays real-time metrics about your territory. It decongests megacities, promotes rural development and attracts talent.

Get trends to reshape your circular economy models. Embrace the global sustainability challenge.

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Findspo Objectives

Findspo vs Current models

Findspo Demetra

Findspo benefits based on population empowerment

Creation of a sustainable development framework based on the digital economy.

Improvement of the well-being of the population. Reduction of expenditure on health, medicines, mental lines, obesity...

Attend to post-covid migratory movements.

Development of rural areas based on the digital economy.

Intelligent administration of social policy. Adequacy of supply and demand.

Effective communication of social policy in a single step.

Minimize integration problems: LGTBI, gender violence, dependents, addicts...

Connect local demand with local investment in a circular model.

Creation of an internal job offer based on the SDGs.

Use migration (in-out) as a driver of sustainable development thanks to the feeling of belonging (new green card connection with 360° photo).

Technology at the service of sustainability

Countries 197+ Analyzed in real time
People 3B+ Representing trends and opinions
Populations 200M In the data intelligence ecosystem
Processed data 1T+ Extracted and cured

What Findspo gives you

Live according to your values with these 4 main points

Job offer

Life style

Family or free union


54.5% of the world's population lives in cities.

Population worldwide

Why rely on our technology, which prioritizes global sustainability?

Our planet needs a new way to measure the sentiment and well-being of its inhabitants in order to build a truly sustainable planet.

In real-time


Get real-time information to make better decisions.



Humanity, Fauna and Flora. We didn't want to leave anyone behind.



Data anonymized to include no bias in our analysis.



We let it flow but give the possibility to contribute.

With the trust of

Administration, associations, NGO's, educational entities

Cutting-edge technology for an advancing society.