Innovation in politics through 3 impacts models

Findspo is a SaaS platform that shows real time metrics regrading your territory. Depollute megacities, promote rural development & attract talent.

Get trends to reshape your circular economy models. Embrace the world challenge for sustainability.

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Findspo vs Old Paradigm

Benefits of Findspo based on population empowerment

  • Creation of sustainable development framework based on digital economy.
  • Improvement of population well-being. Reduction of spending on health, drugs, mental lines, obesity..
  • Attend post-covid migratory movements.
  • Development of rural areas based on a digital economy.
  • Smart administration of the social politics. Matching offer & demand.
  • One-step effective communication of social politics.
  • Minimize problems of integration: LGTBI, gender violence, dependents, addicts..
  • Connect local demand with local investment in a circular model.
  • Creation of an internal labor market based on the SDGs.
  • Use the migration (in-out) as a driver of sustainable development thanks to the feeling of belonging (new connect of green card with 360 picture).

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Family or union free


54.5% of the world’s population already lives in cities

Empower social policy and balancing population density

Improving traceability of People, Territory and Administration

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