Find and manage the right talent for your project

Users eager to find the dream job, in your area and sector of expertise.... who also share the values and philosophy of the project and fit in with the environment. What more could you ask for?

Reduce the risk of failed relocation, ensure a global fit and add value to your recruitment processes. In addition, it places talent in the right place to empower your team members and minimize talent drain.


Key features for you as an organization

Holistic view

We offer a holistic approach (360°) ensuring a candidate profile interested in the global offer offered by the company.

Join the sustainability challenge

Our algorithm with more than 200 parameters and continuous learning offers a fantastic user experience. Personal, professional, family or free union and environment.

Suitable profiles

We accelerate integration processes and reduce unsuccessful recruitments. The use of our "Demetra" algorithm, an artificial intelligence model, matches the preferences of users and talent seekers.

Leaner processes

The user only has to concentrate on defining their motivations through simple questions and a user-friendly interface. Talent seekers will specify their proposals by focusing on those values that make them unique.

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Our planet needs a new way to measure the sentiment and well-being of its inhabitants in order to build a truly sustainable planet.

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Humanity, Fauna and Flora. We didn't want to leave anyone behind.



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