AI Ethics Policy for Findspo

At Findspo, we believe that the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be guided by ethical principles that prioritize the well-being of people and society. As such, we are committed to the following ethical principles:

Definition and scope:

  • We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Findspo to provide and improve our services, offering a personalised user experience. The AI technologies we implement may include machine learning algorithms, chatbots, personalised recommendation systems and advanced search functionalities.


  • By using Findspo and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of AI as described here. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting us.

Personal data and privacy:

  • Our AI may process your personal data in order to improve the functionality of the website. All processing of personal data is carried out in full compliance with our Privacy Policy, which provides further details on how we collect, use and protect your data.

AI functionality:

  • While we work to ensure that our AI is always available and working properly, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case at all times. AI functionality is subject to change and may be withdrawn or modified without notice.

Automated decisions:

  • In certain situations, our AI may make automated decisions based on the data it collects. If these decisions have a legal or significant impact on you, you have the right to request a human review of those decisions.


  • Although we constantly work to minimise AI errors, we cannot be held liable for any errors that may arise from the use of AI on our website. You agree to use our AI at your own risk.

Updates to this policy:

  • We reserve the right to update this AI policy at any time. If we make significant changes to the way we use AI, we will inform you through our website or by other appropriate means.

Contact us:

  • If you have any questions or concerns about our use of AI, please feel free to contact us at

To achieve these principles, we will:

  • Train our staff on the ethical implications of AI and require them to adhere to our ethical principles.
  • Develop and implement rigorous testing and validation processes for our AI systems to ensure that they meet our ethical standards.
  • Periodically review and update our ethics policy to reflect changes in technology and social norms.
  • Be transparent about our AI systems and gather feedback from our users and stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with regulators and industry organizations to promote ethical standards in the development and deployment of AI.

By following these ethical principles, we hope to build AI systems that benefit society as a whole and contribute to a more equitable and just world.