Reconnecting nature and humanity again. System re-engineering.

Fraian de Riba and Sallent, a village and a small city but with the same soul.
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Our history

We are a startup founded in Barcelona by César López and Sergi Majó. César's story goes back to his vocation to promote innovation as a strategic factor for a sustainable planet. He decided to embark on the difficult task of saving his Galician village (6 inhabitants) from disappearing.

It is then in 2018 when he starts to believe in the idea of a global solution to face the social problems derived from a linear economy. After several years and some StartUps founded previously, Sergi Majó and César meet. Sergi is a reputed CTO and immediately accepts the challenge of contributing to the creation of a technological project that aims to improve the lives of all the inhabitants of the earth, including the latter. The rest of the team is made up of several professionals, doctors, teachers and experts in various disciplines. An exceptional team to develop a dream project.


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César López

Promoter of circular economy and member of ALF (Advanced Leadership Foundation). He began his career as a manager for several multinationals in the automotive and environmental technology sector.
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Sergi Majó

Passionate about the world of technology and especially the startup ecosystem. Founder of SmartAoS, he has developed the position of CTO in several startups helping them to grow.
Our Mission

Reconnect nature and humanity again. Empowering a sustainable society.

Our vision

To provide life opportunities to our users according to their values and motivations.

Start of Findspo field work
César's participation in ALF circular economy congress
Creation of the first algorithm version
Improvement of the first version
César and Sergi meet
Findspo Mockup
Findspo analyzes 210 Countries
Findspo S.L. Foundation
Creation of humanitarian, addiction and violence relocation division.
First version of mobile app
Beta testing with 15,000 cities and 270 countries.
February launch of Official Findspo
Health Care Division
Health Care Division
New development Center in Sallent
Microsoft Perk de nivel 4

We are not experts, we just train every day.

We are not lovers of conventions. We understand that society evolves and the speed is increasing. We are passionate about what we do and focus on building bridges between generations and resources. We follow the principle of migratory birds, localizing by making use of the planet's resources to improve our society. There is no planet B.

Let's create something worthwhile.

At Findspo we like unique and passionate people. Our culture is based on finding personal and professional balance. When a team is well balanced, it becomes a positive transformational element for its environment. We like to remember that "the best is always yet to come"... and better to receive it with the best attitude.

Become a World Life Balance member

Our partnership creates global and holistic solutions for sustainability through Findspo's real-time insights.

Why should I be a partner?

Empower your solutions

Add data from the triple bottom line to complement your solutions

Join the sustainability challenge

Partner with a true change maker and achieve new milestones through cross-innovation

AI Ethics

Adopt a new management approach based on the -Win (People) -Win (Companies) -Win (Planet) methodology.

Co-create a new stage

Adopt a new management approach based on the -Win (People) -Win (Companies) -Win (Planet) methodology.

Cutting-edge performance

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Decentralized collaboration

Inclusive, accessible and global

Why rely on our technology, which prioritizes global sustainability?

Our planet needs a new way to measure the sentiment and well-being of its inhabitants in order to build a truly sustainable planet.

In real-time


Get real-time information to make better decisions.



Humanity, Fauna and Flora. We didn't want to leave anyone behind.



Data anonymized to include no bias in our analysis.



We let it flow but give the possibility to contribute.

With the trust of

Administration, associations, NGO's, educational entities

Cutting-edge technology for an advancing society.