Innovation with purpose:
Global sustainability

At Findspo we use R&D in technology to improve the lives of all living beings on the planet. To create new ways of innovation and entrepreneurship that change the world. We challenge ourselves and humanity to achieve sustainability and create a better future.

Lighbulb ecosystem


Artificial Intelligence

Algorithms with the purpose of imitating human intelligence.


Extract, transform and load data from multiple sources.


Technology to interpret and understand human language.

Data Science

Data analysis science to discover patterns for decision making.

Technology at the service of sustainability

Countries 197+ Analyzed in real time
People 3B+ Representing trends and opinions
Populations 200M In the data intelligence ecosystem
Processed data 1T+ Extracted and cured

Research areas

Work Life Balance

Solutions to promote balance or reconciliation between work and family life.

Well-being in Company

A state in which the person feels connected, secure and satisfied with the conditions in which he/she carries out his/her work.

Environmental medicine

It consists of treating the "environmental" causes of diseases. Especially chronic pathologies.

Decongestion of cities

Reduce overcrowding and overcrowding to mitigate emissions and climate pollutants.


Technology applied to the insurance sector in order to offer better products and services to the end customer.


Human resources solutions in technology to optimize processes.


Grouping of innovations and applications of new technologies in the real estate sector.


New technologies that allow the remote use of public administration services.


Demetra R&D Center is building the technology needed to drive an economic model of integral sustainability, with a democratizing approach to the use of technology to improve the lives of all inhabitants of the planet without exception. A mission we share with various organizations and strategic partners around the world.

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The R&D Center recruits recent graduates and collaborates with research centers and universities around the world. We are looking for people and institutions that want to promote research and development of the world's most advanced technology and are motivated to be open to the future.

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Why rely on our technology, which prioritizes global sustainability?

Our planet needs a new way to measure the sentiment and well-being of its inhabitants in order to build a truly sustainable planet.

In real-time


Get real-time information to make better decisions.



Humanity, Fauna and Flora. We didn't want to leave anyone behind.



Data anonymized to include no bias in our analysis.



We let it flow but give the possibility to contribute.

With the trust of

Administration, associations, NGO's, educational entities

Cutting-edge technology for an advancing society.