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Rural & territorial repopulation Smart Village

What if we could make the village speak through the data? Get your village or town to attract inhabitants who share the values, lifestyle, professional skills and generate a positive impact on the environment.

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Add your village & small town in seconds. Attract ideal candidates.
197 countries + 15.000 locations = A world of opportunities

Local development, depolute the world’s mega cities.


Empowering humanity, reconnecting people & nature.


Well being, integration, feeling of belonging.

Why Findspo?

Use holistic talent scouting empowered by AI, Big Data and NLP. Increase perfomance compared to unidimensional solutions or social networks.
Embarace the new mindsets in a decentralized job search & reduce failed employee relocation.
Promote the circular economy. Local development & shape a sustainable world.


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How it works for users?

Define your status. Searching or Offering.
Complete the quiz about each role. Work, Partners, Lifestyle & Environment.
Choose the importance of each role.
Let’s us to analyse the world, continent or country using your preferences.
Discover hundreds of amazing locations & understand why they fit with you.
Apply for jobs & volunteer opportunities in seconds.

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