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Hallo Ich bin Jorge

Italy, 29 years

"I found a place to live my passion, appreciating daily life and nature."

Passions Windsurfing and trekking
Dream place Accommodation in the mountains 200 metres from the sea.
Priorities Safety, fresh air and plenty of sunshine.
Dream job Bicycle tester

Hello I'm Karol

Colombia, 23 years

"Share my philosophy of life with my surroundings, prioritizing what truly matters to me."

Passions Music and animals
Dream place Be part of a artists creative community
Priorities Veganism, affordable housing and tolerance.
Dream job Living in a self-sufficient community and do an intership

Ciao io sono Florin

Morocco, 43 years

"After one tough day... I like the freedom to drive my quad through the dunes. Brings me back to life..."

Passions The kitchen and the four-wheelers
Dream place Desert
Priorities Good health care system. Purchase a house and make routes to the outdoors.
Dream job A job at a fusion restaurant.

Salut, je suis Kristine

Bombay, 51 years old

"QMy goal is to help in building a better society. Peace and sound of waves fill up my batteries. To be a mom..."

Passions Reading and voluntarism.
Dream place Tropical climate
Priorities Wants to be the mom in the coming years, she is worried about the safety and gender equality
Dream job Corporate administrative roles in an enterprise related to social works.

Hola soy Christof

Ireland, 37 years old

"A place to be myself and decide where my taxes go. Free-minded and owner of my time."

Passions Technology and philanthropy
Dream place Life in a town or village
Priorities LGTBI tolerance. No military investment. Would like to adopt a child
Dream job Youtuber and Streamer, content creator

Salut, je suis Mourad

New Zealand, 62 years

"It's tough being a senior professional. I want a place where my experience is appreciated and take a leisurely walk with my dogs"

Passions Dogs and music
Dream place Life in a small city
Priorities Low criminality. Animal welfare
Dream job Mentor at an enterprise.

Olá nós somos Elena y Joao

Germany, 37 years

"A dream ... find a place to enjoy and face our handicapped child upbringing with the best guarantees."

Passions Nautical and gardening
Dream place Life at the village.
Priorities Political stability. Welfare benefits for your child. Good healthcare system.
Dream job Banking executives and Industry

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What is findspo?
FINDSPO is a web-based platform which enables us to carry out a global search for life opportunities. Discover projects linked to what you love or care about. Minimizes the risks when you choose a place or project where you can have a great work/life balance.
What makes us different from a job portal?
We are a platform that uses a holistic view for you to discover the project and the ideal location. Hundreds of analyzing scenarios combining Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability. We believe that a human being in harmony with the environment is an element of sustainable development.
What is a Holistic Search Engine?
We consider all that is important for you, what makes you get out of bed every day... Traditional job portals have only three parameters: salary, sector and location. You are the masterwork of your life plan.
What is the source of the information?
Findspo is a project inspired by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the UN (United Nations). All of our data is based on official sources.

Findspo helped us find a place and employment that matched our lifestyle preferences. Besides important aspects to consider for raising our kids. A one-stop website where you can find everything you care with just a few clicks.

Family Lopez-Garcia

For the final stage of my career, I wanted to find a destination where I could enjoy a work/life balance. I signed up and within a few minutes I had several options.

Gerard, Senior Manager

Break routine. The question is, where and how? I focused on what I like, I followed my feelings and I had a destiny ... Sometimes it just gets easier than it looks.

Johanne, Enterpreneur